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APPETIZERS                                                                     SANDWICHES

Samoosa (1)                                                                  *Gyros Sandwich

Dolma (4)                                                                        Chicken Breast

Mostkhiyar (yogurt dip)                                                 Kabob Sandwich

Hummus (served with pita)                                     Mortedela Sandwich

Olviyah Salad (served with pita)                                 Olviyah Sandwich

Eggplant Dip (served with lavash)                                Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Bites

French Fries

Most Mosir (yogurt with shallots)

SALADS                                                 DINNERS

Salad Shirazi (Persian Salad)                                                Shish Kabob

Tabouli Salad                                                           Chelo Kabob Dinner

Greek Salad                                                         *Chicken Kabob Dinner

Gyro Salad                                                      Blackened Chicken Dinner

*Grilled Chicken Salad                                                      *Gyros Platter

Blackened Chicken Salad

All Sandwiches are served on your choice of Lavash or Pita Bread and come with pickles, tomatoes, and onion.

Every dinner entrée besides the Gyros Platter are served on Saffron Rice and come with Lavash bread and raw onion.


Ghormeh Sabzi (served with Saffron Rice)

Ghemieh with Potatoes (served with Saffron Rice)

Eggplant Stew (served with Saffron Rice)


Whole Lamb Shank (served with Dill and Herb Saffron Rice)

1/2 Cornish Hen (served with Persian Jeweled Saffron Rice)

Lamb Kobideh Kabob (served with Saffron Rice)

Chicken Kobideh Kabob (served with Saffron Rice)

Persian Style Orange Roughy Fish (served with Dill and Herb Saffron Rice)

*Items are available in Halal Meats

Open Tuesday thru Saturday 11am to 8pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

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